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They are the queer homosexual men found everywhere, in every neighborhood, community, profession and business. Some are open and others are in the closet and some live dual lives, but all "get to know each other" and they have inside ways to clue new gays that they also walk on the gay side. It functions as a brotherhood and they help each other out in every conceivable way. They always take the side of the gay guy in in disputes with straights and especially women and even more so if they are divorcing a woman they tricked into marrying them. They help each other out in business dealings the same way.
A New York Times art critic will always trash heterosexual artists and love stories especially if it is about a mans's love for a woman and even more so in the guy makes love to her (they hate that) even if the work is wonderful and always praise gay theater and artists even if horrible. The New York Times Culture and Entertainment section is the ink arm of the gay mafia in New York.

You now can be sure your next door neighbor, married with kids, is gay when your gay ex husband tells you he thinks David is a nice guy, a "real person." So you retort, but "He's such a bitch!" and the ex smiles. #%^#@ Gay Mafia!

by tallhotsingleblondfemale.38.26.34 September 16, 2006

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