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A fine ass girl on the back of a dude's motorcycle.
Example: I'm looking for a new rear seat accessory after my last one fell off.
by tall_dave_1959 October 13, 2009
The convergence of desirable sounds in a grouped atmosphere.
Example #1: As another Harley fell into the pack, their heavy synchromoneous sound filled the air.

Example #2: The synchromonelus sound of the lovers moans and sighs enhanced the mood that evening.
by tall_dave_1959 November 06, 2009
RSA – Rear Seat Accessory – A member of the opposite gender, usually decorative in nature, that occupies the passenger’s portion of a motorcycle seat.
I’m looking for a new R.S.A.
My biker friend lost his RSA the other day when it fell off; I'm helping him find a new one.
by tall_dave_1959 September 29, 2009

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