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someone who gropes or touches/grabs people grossly.
Eww...you are such a groper OR:
Stop groping me perv
by tali January 28, 2003

the crazyest, sexyest, the well loved family
tali ajimal... loud,loved and extremly crazy
by tali April 20, 2005
Peabo is a 395 pound black man whoes in prison ,Mangles his cock at night, likes to hold his cell budies safely and securely in his rough strong arms late at night, sodemizes his buddies in in the jail showers, has a strong deep voice, has a 18 inch penis and every sentence that comes out his mouth starts with looke here boi.
Peabo-Looke here boi, if you bend ova and be quiet this will be nice and quick .
Peabo-bend ove boi and take this chocolate in yo rectum foo.
john-ahhh that fucken hurts!
Peabo-i said be quiet or ill put in the rest of the 12inches.
john-ok ok ok (sobs!)
by tali January 31, 2005
the crazyest,sexyest,the well loved family
tali ajimal... luod loved and extremly crazy
by tali April 20, 2005
to sleep (british army term)
sleeping bag = gonkbag
by tali November 26, 2003
Complaining means that you care, since you are concerned.
by tali February 19, 2003

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