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A small town adjacent to Oakland which is known for being mainly white with other minority groups sprinkled in. The majority of its residents are upper middle class or wealthier and the children of Piedmont are either enrolled in its "very good" public school system or attend immensely expensive private schools in the immediate Bay Area. But, it's worth noting that this town is not full of typical all-American families. Most people are liberal and most of the children indulge in dubious behavior to which their parents are oblivious to, especially because mansions are pretty big and the parents are generally too busy making money to raise their children properly.
Kid #1: Where is Katie from?
Kid #2: She's from Piedmont.
Kid #1: We should kidnap her and hold her for ransom then.
Kid #2: I don't think her parents would notice.
#california #east bay #castro valley #boring #overrated
by take_the_scenic_route January 14, 2007
A town in the East Bay affectionately known as Cracker Valley for the massive population of whites and Asians who live in the overpriced homes. Has a reputation for having many undercover KKK members and for producing many wannabe gangsters who would be severely beaten if they ever tried to talk like that in front of someone from Oakland or Richmond. A pretty boring town, Castro Valley wants to be like Piedmont when it comes to being known as a rich kid town and fails rather miserably seeing how nobody outside of the immediate area knows it exists.
Castro Valley kid: Yea, I'm repping da CV! It's harrrd out herre fo a pimp!

Oakland kid: Shut the f**k up.
#piedmont #east bay #cracker valley #kkk #wannabe
by take_the_scenic_route January 14, 2007
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