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To ask or beg for change with intent of buying drugs, food or accesories until the desired amount is obtained
Damn, I'm 3 bucks short, lets go scanging
by tak0 March 23, 2003
To cut or slice or a knife or slicing tool
Chevy Shank.
I'mma shank you, nigguh!
by Tak0 February 18, 2003
The place to shop if you're a punk/goth in need of spikes and freaky/evil clothing.....or Berkely.
There's not Hot Topic at the mall....must kill
by Tak0 February 18, 2003
To get impaled or stabbed through, like shiskabob
Damn, that foo' got shafted!!
by Tak0 February 18, 2003
A place that is easy to steal from
Lets check out this rack up here, I'm hungry.
by Tak0 February 18, 2003

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