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1 definition by tadowe

The correct name for those who are members of the Democratic Party. It is correct to add an "s" to the name of the party, in order to express its plurality, and also correct to identify an individual as a "Democratic," rather than as "Democrats/democrat," which goes beyond grammar to create such an euphemism; equivalent to calling Republicans either "Republics," or an individual as a, "Republic."
"Democratics are acting out as hypocrites, once again."

"That Democratic anti-patriot is issuing untruthful propaganda demeaning our soldiers."

"The term 'Democratic' is an oxymoron when considering the party as a whole."

"I am a Democratic, and so what if we want to win as a party by having the USA fail and retreat, and to hell with any democratic bushwah from your rightwingnuts?"
by tadowe April 13, 2007
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