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A terrible case of denial in which a woman claims that she isn't a whore. This illness usually occurs after said woman has just picked up a random guy at a bar and taken him to her home late in the evening. The most obvious symptom of the illness is when the woman claims to have never been in such a situation just prior to performing a sexual act on the guy.
Shortly after meeting her in the bar and just before fucking her mouth pussy, Lucy told me she wasn't normally the type of girl to do things like this. At first I thought maybe she was serious but after fisting her asshole, I knew she had a terrible case of idontusuallydothisitis.
by tactash May 06, 2008
A theoretical storage device that a man tries to keep his cock in while out in a public place, intoxicated, and surrounded by pieces of ass. The device is located in a man's mind and keeps him from cheating on his girlfriend and avoiding guilt. The device usually always fails.(special thanks to Bobby C)
Cal tried as hard as he could to keep his cock in it's dong holster but he gave up after he met the 19-year old nursing student who wanted him to fuck her fartbox.
by tactash May 06, 2008
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