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random fun objects that seem to have no purpose
Spark Plugs: Car Scattle
Leaves and slugs: Garden Scattle
by Taco January 30, 2004
also Known as TonKpilS

Possibly one of the most undefinable Metal Bands of its time

A Band of 9 Different people specializing in Different Edges of Music

Utilizing 2 DJs 2 Special Percussionists, 1 Bassist, 2 Guitarists, 1 Drummer, and 1 Lead Singer they form the 2nd most talked about concerts world wide. Although only releasing 4 albums total and splitting up after 8 years (still approx. 1 yr left) they will go down in history as legends and will be missed.

SlipKnoT is commonly defined as Thrash Metal, Hate Metal, or Death Metal. Although they are not gothic, they do not create songs by how they feel they create songs that sound good and will ultimately sound the best
SlipKnoT fan: SLIPKNOT 0WNZ J00 F00!

by Taco April 17, 2004
Mood that one is in.
God your wearing a red shirt on a monday, your butter must be stale.
by Taco December 26, 2004
A girl's boyfriend/crush
I just got my skank on with my gauche.
by taco August 08, 2004
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