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1. An over-the-top, lowgrade comedian that you would get if you mixed Ryan Reynolds and Jim Carrey, and then took out any charm or comedic talent they had and left only their more annoying attributes. He thinks the more he yells and throws his limbs around the funnier he will be, and I guess society has proven him right. He has a large following of what I can only imagine are pure idiots drunk of their asses looking for a good time and find that a raving lunatic is a GOOD TIME.
2.A way to insult someones comedic talents.
3.Source of the term "cooked" meaning something is very very unfunny.
1. Have you heard Dane Cook?! He wants to be a snake! THATS SO FUCKING FUNNY!
2. ::guy tells lame joke:: Yeah that was about as funny as Dane Cook.
3.Guy 1: How was that new comedy starring Andy Milonakis? Guy 2:Oh it was cooked.
Guy 1: Awww, I thought it was gonna be good.
by The Real Definition January 29, 2006
Another name for a butt hole

This definition comes from the similarity of a balloon knot to the shape and look of a butt hole
Bob: "hey Joe, you're a fag"
Joe: "you can lick my knot Bob"
by tHe ReAl DeFiNiTiOn March 26, 2012

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