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Where a bunch of people start arguing, and wage a war over which couples in a show were meant to be canon in a webcomic, anime, tv show,ect.
I went on this chat room, and there were all these people who started arguing over Homestuck shipping. The arguement quickly became a full on shipping war, and i got involved. Darn shipping wars
by T3r3z1 Pyrop3 June 21, 2013
When a bunch of people who do a certain fandom, like Homestuck, Doctor Who, Star Trek, MLP, and many animes, start arguing over which is better.
I went on twitter once, and i was dragged into a Homestuck and Doctor Who fandom war by a friend on the Homestuck side. In the end, Homestuck won by far. Just stop the fandom wars...
by T3r3z1 Pyrop3 June 21, 2013
anything that exists, there is a pony version of it
without rule 69
person: i love books

with rule 69
person: i love pony books
by t3r3z1 pyrop3 April 10, 2012

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