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the unexplainable rush of pleasurable smells that hits you like a brick wall upon opening the door of a subway sandwhich restaurant
guy 1: dude! did you just feel that subwind!

guy 2: I know man, so awesome!
by t3h 1337 sauc3 August 05, 2010
what Benlogan, Indian Lake, West Liberty and Urbana douchebags use to refer to the city of Bellefontaine Ohio stereotyping it as a ghetto area when in truth if they would get off their fat vaginas to come to this qualty smalltown they would see that about 70% of the area is rural
douchebag: hey, are you going to the bellcompton game next week?

douchebag 2: ya man, im gonna take my nine!
by t3h 1337 sauc3 October 09, 2010
the female version of a bag tag but in the ovaries instead of the testicles
(girl walks up to other girl)


(punches girl in ovaries)
by t3h 1337 sauc3 August 31, 2010
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