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TRUE guido;you dont find many no a days...now theyr too old to be "guidos" publicly,but you catch them bumpin freestyle singing all the words to MARIA everynow and then...catch them in central every so often_chillen on ditmars ona friday night with the'r tops down;checkin out the wannabe guidettes...

a REAL guido-circa 1976 through the 80's,and the first couple years of the 90's.

guidos now SWEAR ... spiked hair (true oldschool guido does/did the hair combed back&geled)&def none of that "let me do my hair so i can lightly place a hat at the end of my head and make it fall off" bullsh*t_ gold chain (stricly gold chain,maybe a small horn,a small cross...no huge ass bling bling sh*ts like these losers)...jumping up and down in the middle of the dance floor doing moves like the bookcase...? ehhh sorry_u think your a guido,i assure you-your not.

def. found mainly down the shore,seaside&pointpleasant<--thats their spot!
bayside/whitestone&astoria are common spottings of these "new age" guidos
brooklyn is infested. & the boogie down is where all the original oldschool freestyle get-downers are at.

the only way,i believe,you know what being a guido is all about is if-and only if you have a brother,sister,zia or zio anywhere between the ages of 25-40ish and you grew up listening to freestyle with them-all day everyday,watching them put masive amounts of perfume on,masive amounts of mouse&of course your a true italian,if not first generation AT LEAST 2nd--grew up knowing that sunday was family day and there was no friend time until the fam was done.

guidos now a days are LUCKY if both their grandparents came her from italy.

&&&& guidos dont call themselves "guidos", they know theyr fly and mista joe cool_they dont have to advertise it.
im 3/4s italian and i spike my hair--im a guido,come dance.

by t.mariaa August 25, 2006

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