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A game of scrabble with only dirty words. If a word is not inherently dirty, it must be MADE dirty (used in a sentence, defined, et cetera)
Dirty Scrabble spawned the word Jeal. The world has never been the same.
by t. danger July 12, 2009
Ugly or unattractive in any physical sense. Not just ugly, though-- EXCEPTIONALLY ugly.
Did you see her face? Damn, she's pagger!
by t. danger July 12, 2009
Feminine form of the word "Jizz" (can be used as both verb and noun)

pronunciation: "jeel"
origin: a game of dirty scrabble early in the morning.
1. (n.) I've never seen so much jeal in my entire life!

2. (v.) She got the nickname "Ol' Faithful" 'cause she jeals like a geyser.
by t. danger July 12, 2009

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