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Yup is a generic term of agreement issued often by a non-listening party, typically used while performing an additional important task, such as watching tv.

If you are the yupper, by yupping someone, you are not bound in any sense by your agreement, since you didn't hear what it was you were agreeing to. If you are later asked to perform the task, you then have the option to admit that you had yupped the person and ignore the task, or pretend that you had really listened & just go along with the yuppee.

If you are the yuppee, and you recognize that you are being yupped, you can call the yupper's actions & state "you're yupping me" or "I'm being yupped", whereupon the yupper may admit the yupping action and feel mild embarrassment, but there will be no permanent damage.

yupping, being yupped, yupper, yuppee are all derived from the root 'yup'
Woman: Oh I got some great shoes at the mall, do you like them dear?
Man (watching tv): yup
Woman: so we're going to go back later, are you coming with us?
Man (watching tv): : yup
*2 hours later*
Woman: ok, let's go
Man: where?
Woman: to the mall? you said you'd come with me later?
Man - option 1: oh, I was just yupping you, I'm staying here
Man - option 2: yea that's right, let me grab my coat
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 04, 2005
YAFI: You're All Fucking Idiots

Acronym to be used in instances where the SF Stupidity Factor limits have been exceeded by a group other than your own. It allows you to convey your opinion of the group in open air to your colleagues in a discreet manner.

Most effective when inserted nonchalantly into conversation with the group in question in such a manner as to not raise suspicion (neutral tone and nodding are recommended for a successful implementation). Maximum results are yielded when you are accompanied by one or more cohorts who have knowledge of the term.
Doug: OK, well that didn't work due to YAFI, so what is the next step?
Others: We have to get back to you on that.
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 12, 2005
Descriptor of poor quality performance derived from the popular 70's gameshow 'The Gong Show' where amateur acts which were deemed unworthy were 'gonged' and the performers would leave the stage in a funk of disappointment & shattered dreams.

A 1970's version of 'being voted off the island'
John: Man, that movie sucked! The acting was pathetic at best!
Fred: That shit should have been gonged!
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 06, 2005
Phrase made necessary by those people or situations that have surpassed conventional methods of assessment.

fucked up Def #1/5 fuck up Def #4 monkey fuck Def #1

1. An inept person who is totally incapable of living without fucking up or messing up everything within their grasp.
One whose actions has culminated in the acheivement of this, the highest plateau of fucking up.
2. When a situation is completely messed up from a-z and there is zero chance of recovery.
1. They put a fucked-up fuckup monkey fuck in charge who had no idea how to manage, so the place went tits-up.
2. The whole job had been ruined by mismanagement. There was absolutely nothing correct, and it was beyond salvage. It was a total fucked-up fuckup monkey fuck.
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 04, 2005
Little penis

Antonym of schlong
girl: lemme see your schlong
boy: ok, here
girl: Ahaha! that's more of a schlittle!!!
*boy runs away*
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 04, 2005
The ancient art of excreting solid waste and then leaving the toilet unflushed.
Upon discovery by the next user, they note that previous occupant 'left it'
Awwww damn! Who left it? This thing is almost a foot long! Dude! You reek!
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 04, 2005
Acronym: Foot In Mouth Syndrome

Refers to the disorder which manifests itself when you inappropriately make a statement at an inopportune moment, often deemed irrecoverable - thus you have inserted your foot into your mouth.

Typically followed with embarassment & many apologies, or a tacit understanding about your position.
John: "The boss is being a complete idiot - he's gotta start listening to reason"
Bob (whispers): "uhhhhhh he's right behind you..."
John: "d-oh!"
Bob: "Nice case of FIMS there ace"
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 06, 2005

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