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making a complaint usually reserved for old folks, years too early.
i don't mean to gramp-cramp, but sitting through that 3hour king kong movie made my back ache something fierce.
by t-style December 27, 2005
seasonal euphemism for crack cocaine
ho ho ho let's go smoke some kwanza rocks
by t-style December 27, 2005
acronym for Save The Drama. Used emphatically to show distaste for Drama--especially from unstable female friends.
female friend: "...blah blah blah and then she went over there and told him 'yadda yadda' and well i wasn't gonna stand for that and then blah blah blah..."

you: "S.T.D, honey. i don't wanna here it."
by t-style January 30, 2006
a homo with an exclusive fetish for hispanic dudes. variation of village people's "machoman."
"What's that? Phillipe's new beau's name is Manuel? I swear: he's such a nachoman."
by T-style December 17, 2005
po' white trash...po'______ trash (all nationalities apply)
let's go to the tractor pull, the all you can eat buffet, and diddle our siblings like a true booger eater.
by T-style December 13, 2005
inbred idiot of any race who's mere existance pisses you off.
"look at those booger eaters off to the tractor pull with their kissing cousin girlfriends. i wanna punch 'em!"
by T-style December 17, 2005
a homosexual bodybuilder
don't go to 24 hour fitness after 5pm. It's full of manwiches.
by t-style December 27, 2005

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