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to get royally fucked beyond recognition

see also "Friggity fucked"
hey Nate, let's get fuckin' teed before we go to dinner tonight.
by t-box April 26, 2003
5 or more year student at college
you are double majoring? what are trying to pull a Minh Vu?
by t-box April 26, 2003
to get trashed, teed, sloshed, hammered, or royally fucked
dude, i am friggity fucked!!!
by t-box April 26, 2003
the worst possible person one can encounter, lowest uncommon denominator, retarded bitch that doesn't deserve to live.
at least you are not Sheara Singer; that would be the ultimate lose lose situation.
by t-box April 30, 2003
Sheara Singer
how is it going Queen slut
by t-box April 26, 2003
A BLT without the lettuce or tomato.

Assist its arrival with shouting "The B!", clapping, and jumping.
Guy 1: What ya making for lunch?
Guy 2: The B! YEAH!
by T-Box November 10, 2004
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