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A quack who hypnotizes people like Kate Armstrong from Parnell and fills the airwaves with big words and fancy hand gestures.
Kate Armstrong, the naturopath from Parnell realising that she had an assignment due procrastinated by watching Dr Phil ridicule some poor guy with low self esteem. "Dr Phil you're a genius." She said with apparent disregard to the crap that came out of his mouth.
by t money June 07, 2004
A gangsta high school in San Jo (Bay Area, Killa Kali) with racial diversity like no other: 30% Latino, 30% Asian, 20% black, 20% other, 110% gangsta.
P1: "I heard them fools were T-Hockin over at Silver Creek the other night."
P2: "Yeah playa, they capped like 4 or 5 fools right in the asscheeks."
by T Money December 03, 2004
A fictional sexual manuver where a lightbulb is placed in the women's vagina and the friction from the anal sex she is recieving lights up the bulb.
It's kinda dark in here. How about the Thomas Edison?
by T Money November 22, 2004
A hella fine ass breezie that is half black and half indian.
I like blindians that go to NYU but hail from Kansas.
by T Money December 11, 2004
1. Proper synonym for the phrase "word." The acceptance of a statement made by another.

2. Much like the question "really?" or "oh word?"

3. Statement used when one is satisfied or happy with a prior statement made.
1. Wilfredo: "Where the klud at?"
Umberto: "Done been twisted up, get me a light piece."
Wilfredo: "Tword."

2. That Guy: "Aiyyo, that nigga gettin BIIIIIIIG."
This Guy: "Oh tword?"

3. Danny Tanner: "She gave the ill dome AND...her nipples were the size of dinner plates.
Jesse and Joey: {simultaneously} "TWORD!"
by T Money December 27, 2004
When someone in a buffet line, or at a party, fills their paper plate with food then puts an upside plate on top. The point being to steal or hoard this food for later or for another person. Another plate is often filled and placed on top of the first set of plates.
"Cause all them women were making flyin' saucers we already done run outta food at our United Way holiday party."
by T Money December 02, 2002
pice of skin that connects the testicles to the anus
My tinctus gets sweaty after a 10k run
by t money November 26, 2003

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