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1 definition by synystershadows13

Protest the Hero, sometimes known as PTH, or simply Protest, is a thrash metal/metalcore/post-hardcore/punk (NOT EMO) band from Whitby, Ontario. Their members are Rody Walker (vocals), Arif Mirabdolbaghi (bass, vocals), Luke Hoskin (lead guitar, vocals), Tim Millar (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Moe Carlson (drums). They are a very talented band, and should not be criticized even if people don't like them, they deserve respect. I've heard them being compared to DragonForce, which is ridiculous. DragonForce's guitarists can't even play their own songs live, while Protest the Hero's can, not to mention the band having great stage presence. You don't have to like PTH, but they deserve some respect.
Me: Dude, Protest the Hero is one of the best bands ever!

Musically Retarded Person: Hell no! DragonForce is better!

Me: Right. DragonForce can't even play their own songs live. Protest the Hero is better than that shit.
by synystershadows13 June 20, 2009
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