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Eric Cartman, who goes by Cartman, is possibly the funniest television character in history, and in my opinion, always will be. He is everything that is racist, stupid, ignorant, and wrong. He's also extremely fat. He hangs out with Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick, and sometimes Butters. He is always making a new plan to make money or get revenge on someone. Some of his best known quotes are: "No kitty, that's my pot pie! NO KITTY THAT'S A BAD KITTY - MOOOOOM! KITTY'S BEING A DILDO!", and "Screw you guys, I'm going home". He uses the words "weak" and "sweet" a lot. He is spoiled by his slutty mother/father and whines to get anything he wants. His hobby is watching Terrance and Phillip while eating cheesy poofs, snacky cakes, pot pies, or powdered donut pancake surprise.
Cartman: Screw you guys, I'm going home.
Stan: But Cartman, we're trying to-
Cartman: AH - Screw you guys, home.
by synyster44 September 01, 2009
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