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Morning (AM) bowel movement (BM). The first poop of the day, almost always taken immediately upon awakening in the morning.

A "beer dump" is a type of AM BM, but not all AM BMs are beer dumps.
"I can't even start my day with some coffee until I've had my AM BM."

"I didn't have time for my AM BM this morning so I've had to hold that sh*t in all f*cking morning."
by synthbeatz May 18, 2010
Pre-shit fart. A fart released shortly before taking a dump. Extraordinarily foul-smelling as a result of passing through a colon full of shit. Creates a warm or burning sensation in & around the anus when released.
"Dude, that PSF you just ripped was so nasty. Why don't you go to the bathroom and shit already?"
by synthbeatz May 18, 2010

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