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people who are responsible for driving the beat in the band. drummers appear usually in two forms.

first theres the naturally talented, good headed drummer with alot to contribute and minimal bitching, this can go either way with the stereotype of being under appreciated.

secondly theres the drummer that is very talented yet cant stop bitching and complaining about how much work they do and how expensive equipment is. this type will go on forever about how much drum equipment costs and how they have the most stuff to haul and will pester the shit out of you with all of these facts that you really dont care about. these guys give drummers a bad name and are responsible for the asshole stereotype. most common in death metal drummers.
guitar player: ok lets do that again from the top

drummer #2: dude youre not the one that has to play is man its like im using my whole body to play it and its hard and do you know how expensive these heads are? it costs me like 5 dollars every time i play a song and.......

guitar player: fuck it
by sylterria April 21, 2008

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