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The cheddy is where in the height of summer,on a red hot saturday afternoon,you and yer mate go to tesco and buy 48 cans of stellar,a bottle of black vodka,and a bottle of port,go back to your house,and lock yourself in turn the heating up full blast and consume all of the bought alcohol.When pissed keep shouting THE CHEDDY!!! in a pakistani accent until you drive each other round the bend,you may also attempt to watch switch blade romance at one in the morning,with a diced turkey thigh curry bubbling away on the stove,but by this point you are comatose,and the menu screen music of the film is being drilled into your head as it repeats over and over,you wake at five in the morning sweating cobs,and nearly burning the house down cos the currys still cooking!
fucking hell this cheddy lark is getting me down,its all i can hear,fuck it lets make another black vodka punch!

THE CHEDDY!!!!!!!!! shut the fuck up
by sy22 October 20, 2006
the veg party!!!!!!! two in the morning,pissed,getting the biggest sauce pan you can find,and filling it with two large bags of tesco value frozen mixed veg,boil the horrible ,tasteless,watery,cheap shit for hours,then sling the veg allover your girlfriends living room,while shes away for the weekend,for next few months you will be finding brocolli,cauliflower,and carrots down the sofa,behind pictures,and in the dog bowl etc.ACE!!!!
to piss your girlfriend off try the veg party while shes away
by sy22 October 20, 2006

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