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describes girls that are hot, but are only hot because they use non-natural means to become 'hot' i.e. excessive tanning, excessive hair bleaching, liposuction, tons of makeup, etc.
guy 1 > dude, that girl is HOT!
guy 2 > yeah i guess, look at the tan job she got....she's fake hot!

I like girls that are hot, not fake hot.
by sword- February 10, 2005
similar to frontin , either to half-ass something or to put up a facade ; being fake as hell
I told him I'd beat his ass for fucking my girl! Ain't no half steppin with me. I keep it gangsta.
by sword- July 04, 2004
An individual style of rapping of each members of wu-tang clan. There are 36 chambers in all
GZA feat. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest, and RZA - 4th Chamber
by sword- June 05, 2004
To intentionally be counterproductive or waste time on work.
I'm scheduled for a 15 minute break, but I will ride the clock 10 more minutes.
by sword- August 07, 2004

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