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a spot in the vaginal are that when pushed can cause an orgasm
He worked and worked my magic box till i screamed in ecstacy
by sweets June 24, 2003
A female who is naive enough to think that someone who is blatantly dull / not intelligent enough to say things other than "Hi" are actaully just really mysterious. Often these females will spend lots of time with the mouth-breather in question, and realize that he actaully is just too stupid / dull to hold up their end of a convo.
Fucking Fucktool: "I don't understand, I've known him for a good 2 months and he still wont keep a conversation with me. I just don't get it. Maybe he is just dull afterall."

Non-FFT: I told you he was a dumbass, you Fucking Fucktool.
by Sweets April 26, 2004
figga is a fine nigga mainly black or puerto rican.
damn! look at that fine ass figga right there!
by SwEeTs May 10, 2004

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