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A girl or guy who's unable to raise his or her social status and is generally poor. People usually make fun of them at school cause of their poor clothes and attitude. Gets laughed at a lot by the preps and jocks and made fun of for being dirty and poor.

A girl who acts upbeat but is really depressed inside and is using a cover up for her low self esteem. Her family life is usually hell and she is unloved by her own family. Has been through many hardships Will probably end up in a dirty apartment all alone with her sister.

This girl has usually been tormented about being a poor loser her whole life and needs self esteem, new clothes and some lovin'.
Popular person- Look at that big nosed girl in the cheap clothes, she's really annoying. Let's call her a " poor loser".

other person- lay off, she gets made fun of enough for being dirty and poor, she may commit suicide if you keep it up.
by swanglo December 14, 2008
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