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Yankee or Southerner (or a redneck) does not depend on where the ‘body’ was physically born! There are a lot of Yankees that were born in the South and have abandoned the south and all of its culture, moving to the north! Just the same, there are people who were born in northern states who have moved to the South and cherish the South, its culture and its history! Some are more southerners than some born in the South who have ‘lost their love of their culture and history’ because of the misinformation, lies, and propaganda they are ‘fed with’ in the US education system! The real ‘redneck southerners’ are those not poisoned with such crap, that passes off as ‘intelligence’, but is usually just ‘smart stupidity’! Yankee or Southerner depends more on where the heart is, than where one was born or where they were originally from!
Politicians and newscasters from the south who have forsaken their 'southern accents' and other parts of their great culture, for the ways of the yankee, usually for the good job and money! Is it really worth it?
by suthrn September 28, 2011

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