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a term used when one decides to sneak off to the bathroom with a hot boy or girl.
The code word is "mongolian horsemen".
by suspect device July 25, 2004
Contrary to popular belief, pop-punk is not neccesarily shit like Good Charlotte. It is actually a more medolic punk. Think The Descendants, Bouncing Souls, Screeching Weasels, yes, even The Ramones.

Although, someone using the word is probabbly referring to shit bands like Good Charlotte, Newfoundglory and Brand New.
*Also not to be confused with the similiar yet SLIGHTLY less bad "skate-punk" (nofx, goldfinger, rancid)
Dude 1: "Hey man, have you heard the new Descendants? It's fuckin' sweet!"
Some chick with studded cuffs up to her elbows: "OMGZ!! I JUST HEARD DA NEW BRAND NEW, JESSE IS SO SEX-C!1! PXNK RAWKZ FOR EVAH!"
by suspect device June 03, 2004
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