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1. The place to go if you want incredible falafel or shwarma, gorgeous wrap-around skirts, an abundance of kosher restaurants, camels and stray cats at every turn, and the most wonderful, breathtaking hikes you could possibly imagine.

2. Kind of like Teaneck, only less expensive.
Yeshiva Girl 1: Nice skirt! Where did you get it?
Yeshiva Girl 2: Why, Israel, of course!
by susievader April 19, 2007
1. The major for people who value education and intelligent thought over silly matters such as getting a job.

2. The reason that one day I will live in a box, unless I buckle down and take those damn LSATs.
Homeless man: Give me money!
Pedestrian: Hey, I recognize you! Werent you an honors philosophy student at my college?
Homeless man: But what does 'recognition' REALLY mean? *ponders*
by susievader September 30, 2007
1. The coolest philosopher ever. In his book "Meditations," he states that perhaps the entire world is merely an illusion that some decieving demon put into his mind. This idea led to some awesome movies, such as The Matrix and The Truman Show.

2. A dualist, which means that he believes that the mind and the body are seperate entities. He's a wise man, this Descartes.
Descartes thinks, therefore he is.
by Susievader May 05, 2006
A sexy person

Origin: The phrase "no prob, bob" evolved into "no problem, boblem," and then a meaning was established for the word "boblem."
Brad Pitt is a boblem.
by Susievader May 05, 2006

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