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2 definitions by survivor

Worthless Women are self centered and end up alone in their lives.
They are very dependent on their parents for everything. From making decisions to constantly trying to please them, for fear of rejection.
These type women should not have children...
Worthless women are either not working or is working from 8 to 5. If they are working they value their jobs more then life itself. They carry the fear of being fired. Very critical towards themselves and others. And deceitful with those around them.
by survivor August 06, 2006
64 13
Uneducated woman will end up being married numerous times throughout her life. She either didn't graduate High School or just barely got the diploma.
After High School she looked for easy way out. That easy way out was depending on the opposite sex-men...
There are alot of them out there in the world.
An uneducated woman that comes to mind has the initials of dv.
by survivor August 10, 2006
20 16