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an extremely talented person who has the ability to balance on a piece of fiberglass about 6 feet long and 18 inches wide on a wave. the sport is dominated by males who are too aggressive and need to learn the etiquette of being out on the water, i.e. my cousin john. after that stupid movie blue crush came out, beaches were flooded with stupid girls trying to surf like the girls in the movie. these people yelled things like " surfs up!" and "radical dude!" these things are very degrading to those of us who surf and talk nothing like that. female surfers (like me) are extremely special, they have skill and aptience to sit out in the water for hours with a bunch of animals ( guys) and risk flashing an entire beach while surfing in bikinis.
i surf man, those stupid sluts dont know what the fuck they are doing out here!
by surfchick April 05, 2003

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