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Large, densely populated international city on the Pacific coast. Third largest city in the nation, largest city in the province. Contains the most densely populated areas in North America and most diverse population in the nation. Vancouver often received accolades from international rankings (usually #1 or 2 in the world). Among most notable, Vancouver will host the 2010 Olympic games.
"I went to Seattle for vacation but can only remember Vancouver!" actual quote from my mom!
by supstanance November 14, 2003
Second largest city and urbanized area in the state of Washington. Largest port in the state. Currently experiencing a renaissance of its downtown area to give neighbouring city Seattle to the north a run for its money. Often joked about by Seattle but has much to offer. Aka, T-town.
Sim to Portland OR
by supstanance November 14, 2003
Second largest city in the state. Nothing else.
Tulsan: "what's going on this weekend?"
Other Tulsan: "I am going to Oklahoma City to party hard"
Tulsan: "wow, i wish i could join you"
by supstanance November 14, 2003

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