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Kelsey is the most amazing person in the world. When you see her you already want to meet her, and when you meet her you really want to get to know her, once you know her you want to get close with her, and then if Kelsey thinks you are worthy of her amazingness, her intelligence and her infinite beauty you might get a chance to date her. Remember these words: "SHES A KEEPER" don't let her get away that is the worse thing you could do. Though she is shy she wants you to hold her hand and grab her by the waist, don't hesitate. She is popular with many guys but you are to never get jealous because she is faithful you are hers as she is yours. Her beauty is just a bonus to her exceeding sparkling personality and her intielligence is twice as much as yours. She is in love with animals and nature, especially cats, so get on that topic. Whatever you do, try to surprise her, be spontanious, romantic and love her the way she deserves, which is beyond any love imaginable.
Awe man your dating Kelsey! dammit i think im in love with her
by supersoccerdude10 August 10, 2010

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