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It is an activity in which participants sing and dance at the same time, while wearing shiney costumes and jewelry that can blind you, dark make-up, and fake hair. Show choirs perform at competitions within their own state and sometimes compete in other places, such as California, Florida, New York, Branson, Hawaii, and Chicago.
In show choir you wear dark make-up and shiney costumes.
by supersmile March 07, 2009
Hart High School is the oldest and best high school in the Santa Clarita Valley. It is the school with the most school spirit. It is also the school with the prettiest campus and the best school colors. The school colors are red, white, and black. The mascot is the Indian. Hart High also has the best football team!!!!
guy 1:"Where did you go to school?"
guy 2:"Hart High School."
guy 1:"Oh, I wish I went there. You guys have the best football team."
by supersmile March 08, 2009
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