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2 definitions by superniall50

1. To talk nonsense, rubbish or any other form of crap.
2. To lie or to make a false statement.
3. To offend or irritate someone verbally.
John: Hey, did you hear that Billy has done skydiving, bungie jumping, white-water rafting, crocodile wrestling and flew a fighter jet.

Chris: Nah man...he's chatting swag.
by superniall50 December 09, 2007
12 2
An extreme misspelling of the word 'Bored.' The meaning is, however, the same.
Guy A: Dude, I'm bote!

Guy B: What?!

Guy A: Bored*

Guy B: Aha! Bote...lol.
by superniall50 May 24, 2011
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