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A school that may or may not be filled with nerds. We eat from the ghetto truck everyday (even though ned's truck is better) but never get any fatter, mostly because we spend our free time running away from those fucking seagulls. We are physically incapable of being racist, because any racist will have the living shit shanked out of him by EVERY RACIAL GROUP. The security policies in our school are BS (as in Bronx Science, of course) thanks to fucking Clinton, those murderous raving beasts. Unlike Stuyvesant, we have the will to live and school spirit :). We are fucking geniuses, but our school slogan sucks. We are most definitely not worth the trip, fuck, my commute is 3 hours. We are in the middle of nowhere, the Bronx, and our only connections to the outside world are the 1 and 4 trains. Despite all of this, we are amazing.
kid1 (1am): yo what time you getting to school monday?
bxsci student: well, i left my house 5 minutes ago
kid1: aiight see you thursday

Did you see that kid at bronx science?
Yeah he was fuckin white
(gets shanked by several russians, czechoslovakians, arabs, and somalians)
by supermassivedeepseasquid July 01, 2010

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