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(noun) An imaginary friend for grown ups; commonly touted as being a supreme being responsible for the creation and continued maintenance of the universe. The identity and characteristics ascribed to God vary according to established doctrine and religious alignment. Most religious groups, however, agree that God hates gay people and frowns on the consumption of products containing pork. In a bizarre twist of fate God demands the faith of followers without the burden of evidence - however, this demand could not have been put forward without direct evidence that God exists (i.e. God must exist in order to issue commands to his followers).
Don't spank that monkey Billy, God is watching.
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
The dry, gritty substance composed of desiccated bodily fluids present on bed sheets after an extended period of sexual activity.
After I spanked that booty I had to dust-buster my sheets to get rid of the vaginal sand.
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
(noun) decorative tattoo (often tribal in design) applied to the cunt gut of an over-weight individual.
Man, check out that hog Dave is slobbering on - she has mighty guntlers.
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
(noun) A room that has been fortified against the impending light of morning at the end of a mong. Materials involved in building fortifications are usually mongtresses, comforters, towels and stuffed animals.
Oh man... the sun is coming up... time to build the mong fortress...
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
To do something unintentionally offensive - thereby incurring the wrath of a friend or acquaintance.
friend #1: Ah shit, when I was drunk last night I called Jono a fag.
friend #2: Way to snap the cane, bozo.
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
(noun) A matress used for lounging while participating in a mong session.
Man, I'm blazed... can we pull out he mongtress?
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
acronym representing the words "Out Of Control". Commonly yelled at someone after they do something particularly stupid while drunk.
Man, what was with you showing that old lady your balls last night? you were fucking OoC...
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
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