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When a male boss notices the large chest of a female employee for the first time and is unsure how to comment appropriately.

Used to describe large boobs without sexually harassing an employee

"You look matronly in that dress today."
"You look matronly in that dress when you bend over in front of me."
by SuperFancy November 11, 2014
Disclosing too much personal information to coworkers resulting in endless teasing. Associated with wearing sweaters.
Person A: I know the entire Single Ladies Dance. When I hear that beat I can't stop these hips.

Person B: Plays Single Ladies, records dancing, emails to all employees with subject line "Today's Seanism."
by SuperFancy November 12, 2014
On a girl's birthday, a group of guys stand in a line outside a room. One by one, they enter the room to have sex with the lucky birthday girl inside.
"What's this line for?"

"We're running a birthday train! Go to the back of the line."
by superfancy February 04, 2013

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