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Term used in the World of Warcraft MMORPG meaning a way to reuse your hearthstone (a device that teleports you to a specific location you've selected as your "home") before the 1 hour cooldown has expired.
To accomplish this, you must be in an instance group with at least one other person. Once you're in the group, you enter any dungeon/instance and then leave your group while inside. The game will automatically hearthstone you back to your home after 60 seconds. This will also cause the 1 hour cooldown of your hearthstone to start over again.
The ghetto hearth may also be considered a sort of "cheat" or "bug" because it overrides the game mechanic of only being able to use the hearthstone once every hour.
NoobQQ: damn i'm stuck in org and my hearth is on cd. can somebody help me with a ghetto hearth? plz invite?
Ipwnu: sure
--accepts group invite and enters RFC--
NoobQQ: thx! =)
Ipwnu: np
--leaves group and waits 60 seconds for teleport--
by superchode December 12, 2008
1: Someone who cries or whines like a little bitch.

2: A person who acts like a scared little pussy who's afraid to do anything.
Joe: (crying because his girlfriend just broke up with him)
Jack: Hey man, stop crying like a little wannygoat over some female.

Joe: I don't wanna get in your car, you drive too fast.
Jack: Man, stop acting like a little wannygoat and get your ass in here.
by superchode May 07, 2011

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