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euphemism for being completely useless. where in an exclusively homosexual relationship, the reproductive section
of the male anatomy loses its usefulness.
you are gay balls.

being a rock would be gay balls.
by superbigcat April 15, 2008
one who harbours a sexual attraction to emos and their lifestyle, who are not necessarily emo themselves but may posses traits of that lifestyle.

a person who would work to transition someone from emo through romance and love

a type of poetry with significant tones of longing, sex, angst, -and- non-conformity together, mostly free verse, sometimes to describe in vague, creative detail a heated congregation.
wow, that dark haired chick with the stretched ears and tatty is giving me emolust.

my emolust powers will make her see the beauty of everything.

the last piece i wrote was dripping with emolust.
by superbigcat June 29, 2008
an erect penis aroused by a very taught and peach like vagina.

an erection induced by the first sight of vagina.
ooh, that girl just gave me a peach boner!

whoa! peach boner!

i want some of that peach boner!

ooh baby! peach boner!

whoa! momma gonna give you a peach boner son!
by superbigcat July 13, 2008
a label used to describe someone who does not like most if not all "top 40" hip-hop, r&b, dance, and mainstream music.


someone who is against the images and sounds invoked by the names britney spears, x-tina, ashlee simpson, justin timberlake, hilary duff, linsey lohan, and others.

can be used in a derogatory manner by those who enjoy pop music.
punx 4 life! fuckpop 4 eva!

katy perry? fuckpop wouldn't care much about it...
by superbigcat June 27, 2008

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