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yo comin down is when u ridin clean in ya slab, whip or whatever, but you can't be comin dine in a monkey ass car or hoopty.
Mayne i gonna be comin down on them boys when i slab my 88(delta).
by supaSTAR252 December 21, 2005
when u almost caught one when busting ah nut,cumming, ejaculation, skeetin

Orgins in North Carolina
I almost caught one when i was dancing with this chick in the club.
by supaSTAR252 December 19, 2005
Cookies are cool points( as used in North Carolina), props that u lose when u get embarressed, no one i know calls any drugs cookies.
My man got his cookies took when he got slapped by his girl.
by supaSTAR252 December 20, 2005
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