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Spending an hour or so online or watching TV fresh out of the shower, only wearing a towel. It is a very special time.
"No, I can't come over now, it's towel time!"
by sunsetfunset November 11, 2007
A trait that occurs only in men, when he is looking for something he can't seem to find even though it's right in front of his face.
Al: Argh!! I can't find the tomato sauce!

Fred: It's right there on the shelf! You must have guy vision.
by sunsetfunset September 16, 2008
Refers to jerks in trucks that think they own the road and drive like morons. Could be any vehicle from a pick-up to a semi.
"That guy just cut me off! Ass truck!"
by sunsetfunset November 11, 2007
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