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3 definitions by sum yungai

When people get all their useless old crap and put it on their driveway/lawn, set the price, and sell it to people
The computer I'm writing this on has parts from a garage sale in it.
by sum yungai August 31, 2003
7 4
1. a state of matter
2. the cloud of noxious fumes that emits from your ass when you eat wack-ass food
3. Go-juice
1. Pass me the Nitrous Oxide gas.
2. Roll down the window, Paul just let out some gas.
3. Does your car take the regular or the premium go-juice dude?
by sum yungai August 31, 2003
24 27
Fuel. Used mostly in trucks. Some cars in America use it, a lot of cars in Britain use it.
Is your car diesel or petrol?
Good, cause that's what I put in it.
by sum yungai August 31, 2003
19 23