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A really childish and infantile substitute for the word for "days", usually used when some lamewad is counting down the days until their next loser adventure.

It assumes we all think like children, and think things like "time for sleep!!" when it gets late.
"hey honey, only three more sleeps until our vacation!!"

"three more SLEEPS?? How old are you, six?? Grow the hell up. We adults just say 'days'."
by sully.d August 17, 2009
A Canadian city located halfway between Edmonton and Moncton. It is unique in that it is the only city in the world that has never been inhabited by humans.
"Hey dude, let's go to Edmoncton."

"Dude, NO ONE has ever been to Edmoncton. So I think the roads are kinda bad."
by sully.d February 05, 2009
to give up due to exhaustion. Originally a term referring to a tired horse that begins to run less aggressively, backing off on the "pull" a rider normally feels on the reins from an eager horse. Also used as a generic term for an exhausted horse.
"Yes, George, come in, come in. George, word up's you've been cracking under the pressure. Can't cope, can't stand the heat. Spit the bit." - George Steinbrenner, speaking to George Costanza on "Seinfeld".
by sully.d January 30, 2011
a really crappy and short-lived Canadian teen R&B wannabe group, short for "Too Bad To Be True" (LOL, really?). You've heard every other crappy teen R&B wannabe group before, right? Well these guys were JUST like the others! How convenient!
Guy: "Hey, did you remember that crappy Canadian teen R&B wannabe group called TBTBT?"

Girl: "No."

Guy: "Yeah, you didn't miss much."
by sully.d July 23, 2010

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