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A party thrown by a neighbor who didn't invite you.
What? You didn't invite me to your suisare? Fuck you!
by suisare crasher December 01, 2003
A banana with a fork stuck in each end, connected to 120 volts A.C. Peels itself when electrified.
Electrical bananas are for people too lazy to peel their own bananas. Don't forget to unplug it before you eat it!
by suisare crasher March 30, 2004
Radical red diaper doper baby NUTBARS, in the ACLU
by suisare crasher April 09, 2004
A vehicle on fire.
Look! It's a carbecue! Grab the marshmallows!
by suisare crasher February 01, 2004
A party in the eyes and ears of the uninvited schmuck next door. Especially if the party is a source of annoyance to that person.
I'm so sick of my upstairs neighbor's suisares. This is an apartment building, not a college dorm!
by suisare crasher September 21, 2004
The noise and music associated with suisares.
I can't hear myself think with all that suisare from next door. Time to throw that stink bomb over the fence. Ha-ha!
by suisare crasher February 07, 2004
A pair of panties.
Take off your snatch cover.
by suisare crasher August 29, 2004
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