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Potentially the funniest thing ever
angry nerds are nerds, when irritated enough while gaming lose their concentration and become violent
after an attack of keyboard hurling and weak insults the usually cry in a corner or mourn the loss of their level 200 cat or whatever
Normal Person: What ya doing?
Nerd: *grunt*
NP: wanna come outside?
N: *grunt*
NP: its a nice day, c'mon!
N (Having become angry nerd): AGH!!! LEAVE ME ALONE *throws keyboard* OMG! YOU N00B I JUST LOST MY LEVEL 200 LEET PRO PALAROGUELF!!
by sudowudo October 05, 2008
A prime example of how the english language will descend if 'they' (the wizards or whatever) succumb to stupid americanisms such as sulfur, which is obviously sulphur.
another good example is fosforus, a very stupid element
I cant spell real words, so i'll just spell things fonetically, like filosofy and fobia
by sudowudo October 05, 2008

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