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Two women that are very close friends that practically seem like they are lesbians.
When I saw those two chicks hugging I said to myself, "les-bi-friends".
by suckmyduck July 26, 2005
Used by Eazy-E a.k.a Eric Wright in one of his songs for referring to getting your dick sucked. From the song "Niggaz My Height Don't Fight".
Gimmie this, gimmie that, gimmie this, gimmie that
Bitch, step back and don't try to jack
"But mister dopeman, dopeman, can I get a hit?"
No, hoe but you can get my duck sick...
by suckmyduck July 26, 2005
a chick whos got 3 perfect things about her
her presonality is aight, but her lips, chest and ass are trinity
by suckmyduck October 29, 2003
You Only Live Once. A stupid motto that countless teenagers live by because it gives them the excuse to be promiscuous, commit crimes, drink underage, do drugs and deny responsibility for their actions.
"LOL I totally just put some guy's window through. YOLO."


"You know when you hit Brad in the head with a cricket bat?"
"He died in hospital last night. The police are looking for you"
"Oh well YOLO."
by Suckmyduck June 25, 2012
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