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Yes The Episcopal Academy is a extremley wealthy school and preppy, what most people reading these entries do not realize is that in fact every other private school on the mainline is too. Most of the people writing these definitions are from those schools and though they are writing that Episcopal students drive nice cars like BMWs, Land Rovers, Audis & Mercedes but they do too so dont complain. Many people also say how EA is mostly white and yes it is, but it has much better diversity than almost any other school on the mainline. They also state the fact that EA is only good at basketball (which is very true), they are also extremley good at Crew, Football, Girls Lax, Cross Country, Girls Tennis and a lot of other Sports so dont complain just because your schools cant compete. Even though some people from Episcopal misrepresent us by hanging out with students from The Haverford School and Agnes Irwrin we can still proove that we are better anyday.
"Did that Haverford Guy just write about how The Episcopal Academy students drive nice cars."

"Yeah but he's to focused on himself to noticed the Range Rover, Jaguar and Hummer parked in the driveway of his 6 million dollar house in Gladwyn, PA"

by suck_it July 10, 2006
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