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The first school boy in his year to attempt to attract girls by altering the style/ colour of his hair. Normally resulting in looking ridiculous however the majority of the boys copy him in belief that it may be their only chance.
In the dinning room at school. Gilmour enters with new haircut.

'Whoa - Look at Gilmours hair'

'He's such a haircut champion'
by SuburbanDan November 21, 2011
A massive stinking green shit taken the morning after consuming too much of the the alchoholic drink 'Kryptonite'.
Paul: 'Ahhh Iain whats that smell!!???'

Iain: ' Sorry I just dropped a massive kryptoshit. Oh my god - Its fucking green.'
by SuburbanDan November 21, 2011
Somebody who is obsessed with categorizing music into possibly meaningless sub-genres.
'Man have you heard their new album?'

'What the new neo-progressive oldschool semi-ambient inta-beat trance footstep dubplate album they released?'

'Man your such a genre basher that doesn't even make sense!'
by SuburbanDan November 21, 2011
A City Bitch is a young aggressive women in a high powered inner city job position who is determined to kill anything to further her own ends and career. Highly critical of all male traits but ironically assumes them in her quest for dominance. Men often ponder over whether she may be a lesbian.
Mother: 'Are you going to get married?'

Laura: 'When I get married he can take my fucking surname.'

Paul: 'Whoa. What a city bitch'.
by SuburbanDan November 21, 2011
A large futuristic ghetto in which blacks have been forced to live against their will. Originating from the film title 'Welcome 2 the Terrordome' (1995) which concerns issues of race. Rap group Public Enemy famously titled an album after this film in 1997.
'Welcome to the terrordome.'
by suburbandan November 22, 2011

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