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3 definitions by sublamagee

To perform a totally random, unnecessary, and unexpected attack of violence on a friend or family member.

To Benoit something maybe used when somebody is extremely hungry, whereby to benoit a sandwich would mean to get it in a crossface and eat it..
Man, Maglade pulled an unbelievable benoit last night!

Man, I'd benoit the fuck outa that one hey!
by sublamagee May 19, 2009
8 1
Refers to the act in which the male reproductive organ enters the female reproductive tract as a result of copulation.
John: My cousin Theresa got stabbed by a blunt instrument.
Rose: Ha? What are ya on about?
John: Aye, she's got a bun in the oven.
Rose: Oh right. The stupid bitch!
John: Aye..
by sublamagee February 01, 2011
5 3
Used to describe the female reproductive organ, i.e gowl, fanny, gee, vagina.

Occasionally it is used in a take away when asking for a snack box.
I ate the flange box of yon subla last night. Serious amount grease floating about.

Hello is this Silvios? Can I order a flange box with extra chips and a coke.
by sublamagee February 01, 2011
4 3