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When one realizes that his/her own birthday is coming up, usually within about 30 days, which leads them to post happy birthday messages on their friends' Facebook walls whose birthdays fall within said 30 days.

The idea behind this is to seem nice and boost their positive karma so when their birthday comes around, they receive more birthday wishes posted on their wall on Facebook.
Steve, quit trying to boost your Birthday Karma by posting birthday wishes on your friends' walls. We all know you're not being sincere about it.
by subatomicpotato July 14, 2010
When somebody changes their status on msn to "away" even though it is obvious that they are still there. Indications include changing of display name, personal message, or display picture. Sometimes they refuse to talk to people and pretend that they are "away".
Person1: hey man whats up?
Person1: dude u there?
Person2: *changes display name*
Person1: hey, quit playing sheep away and talk to me like a man!

Guy1: "Hey, did you talk to your girlfriend last night on msn about the party?"
Guy2: "I tried to talk to her but she was playing Sheep Away."
Guy1: "Tight for her!"
by subatomicpotato May 30, 2009
Stands for Fuck My Like, a variation of the standard 'Fuck My Life'.
This happens when someone is one of the first people to 'Like' a Facebook status. When they go away a huge conversation happens as comments as the status. When they return, they find that their email inbox has been flooded with notifications from all the people who replied, having the recepient of such emails regret ever 'Liking' the status to begin with.
I noticed that Simon was going on a trip to Spain on Facebook so I clicked 'Like' then went to work. When I came back, there were like 70 emails in my inbox just from people replying and having a big converation. F.M.L..
by subatomicpotato May 23, 2010

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